Enterprise Notice Management

Streamline Your Workflow

ECFX Notice is an Enterprise Notice Management System using Intelligent Automation to streamline the entire electronic court notice workflow with firmwide administration and analytics.

The 7 Essential Workflow Steps


Connect the case to an internal client and matter number.


Download each document associated with the notice (1 to 100+ documents per notice).


Profile and store each document in the firm’s document management system.


Determine parties to be notified based on information in the financial management system, case management system, or lists maintained on an ad hoc basis.


Distribute the notice and associated documents to all relevant parties.


Update the docketing team of the notice event and key dates.


Record the efforts in the time and billing system for potential billing.

ECFX Notice uses Intelligent Automation to perform all seven steps in seconds.

Enhance Speed
& Efficiency

ECFX Notice creates efficiency by intelligently automating repetitive manual tasks while providing the flexibility to maintain firm rules and culture.  Electronic court notices are processed within seconds of receipt instead of the hours or days it may take with manual processing due to employee off-time or unavailability. ECFX Notice reduces the cost of processing electronic court notices by an average of 93%.

Reduce Risk
& Increase Consistency

ECFX Notice reduces risk by automating processing of electronic court notices, eliminating delays in processing and human error that may critically limit the time available forthe firm to respond to a notice.  Attorneys and other timekeepers receive notifications and documents in a consistent format according to firm, practice group or attorney preferences.  ECFX Notice bills on a transactional basis, allowing for quick and accurate assignment ofprocessing costs to a specific matter or case for billing and cost recovery.

Improve Control
& Visibility

ECFX Notice improves control by providing flexible, firm-defined policies for profiling documents in the DMS, ensuring documents are always profiled correctly.  An intelligent dashboard with customizable metrics empowers managers to make informed staff sizing and workload distribution decisions, while alerts enable administrators to  implement and enforce consistent firmwide workflows.   

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ECFX Notice Features


Automatically downloads documents to the DMS and applies firm-defined profile policies according to firm, practice group or attorney preferences.


Suggests and maintains case-specific distribution lists of relevant parties from multiple data sources.  Generates and distributes consistent, easy to read email notifications that include PDFs or links to documents in the DMS according to attorney preferences. Sends notifications to the docketing staff for entry into the calendaring system.

Alerts & Analytics

Provides an intuitive dashboard powered by customizable metrics for monitoring matter, case, client and timekeeper notification activity. Sends alerts when distribution lists fail to meet firm criteria or notices are not read by at least one person on a distribution list.


Attributes processing costs to specific cases and creates monthly cost loads compatible with industry-standard time and billing systems.


Integrates seamlessly with a firm’s case management, DMS, ethical walls and time and billing software.