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Our Story

ECFX was founded by Dan O’Day, a lawyer and programmer with over 20 years’ experience in legal technology. Dan has built five products for the legal industry, including a market leading Conflict of Interest and Case Management system.

He is joined by Nelson Quintero, an attorney with over 20 years’ experience in intellectual property, and Bill Burch, a former Global Vice President of sales at Thomson Reuters Elite with over 35 years of experience launching, promoting and developing go to market strategies for new products in the legal industry. At Thomson Reuters Elite, Bill was responsible for all aspects of sales and sales management with over $130M in annual new sales.

Our Mission

ECFX was founded with a single objective: to develop innovative software that addresses unmet automation needs in the legal industry. We are committed to filling in the gaps in legal workflows with intelligently automated solutions, enabling firms to save time, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve efficiency.  

Our Technology

ECFX uses the latest cloud technology to reduce demands on IT staff. Our products are offered as SaaS solutions and do not require dedicated hardware or software installation. ECFX Notice integrates with existing SasS and on-prem software used by law firms today. If your firm is in the process of moving to the cloud, we are a step in the right direction. Our solution is fully encrypted in transit and at rest.

Our Team

We have a great team of dynamic, intelligent, and diverse people. We work hard to make sure everyone on the team is empowered and understands how they are contributing to the success of the business. We specialize in keeping our technology up to date and have an experienced leadership team to help guide development and growth.


Dan O'Day

Dan O’Day is a lawyer and programmer with over 25 years of experience in the legal industry. His legal experience covers the entire spectrum of law firm operations from court runner to paralegal to lawyer.

While practicing law he often found himself building technical solutions to common problems - like managing discovery in complex litigation.  He decided that combining law and technology would yield positive results.  He worked as a consultant for law firms to help them implement new technologies and learned some of the unique challenges of working with law firm partners.

As a programmer at Elite, later acquired by Thomson Reuters, he used his combined skills to build several industry leading products including Elite’s Conflict of Interest and Case Management systems.  He worked on solving complex problems for the world’s largest law firms.  In the early “dot com” days he led the development of one of the first SaaS solutions for law firms, Timesolv, using Java and the latest web tools. As a leader at Thomson Reuters, he worked with firms to design and develop new products, traveling to many counties to understand the varied requirements for both front office and back office operations at global law firms.

With recent advances in technology he recognized that there was an opportunity for a new generation of products that would allow for faster development and increased security. These advances include cloud service providers who can handle the data security needs of law firms, container technology like Kubernetes and Docker that enable fast deployment in any environment, and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) that allows issues and enhancements to be deployed quickly without internal effort by firm IT staff.

Having seen a unique opportunity in the market that no vendor was addressing, Dan decided to start his own company with his cofounders Nelson and Bill.  His goal has always been to have computers handle the mundane and repetitive tasks of life so people can focus on making decisions that add value.

Nelson Quintero

Mr. Quintero has nearly twenty years of experience in the field of intellectual property. He focuses his practice on patent and trademark prosecution for both U.S. and foreign clients.

This work includes the preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications, patent reissue and reexamination proceedings, patent and trademark related opinions counsel, and due diligence reviews. His clients include prominent universities, research institutes, and corporations, as well as small businesses and individuals located throughout California.

Mr. Quintero holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1989) and a law degree from the Pepperdine University School of Law (1992). He is admitted to the State Bar of California, a member of the American Intellectual Property Association, and registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Bill Burch

Bill Burch has over 35 years of experience in the legal industry including 10+ years as Vice president of Global Sales for Thomson Reuters Elite where he managed all aspects of sales for all product lines.  

He has been intimately involved in the successful launch and Go to Market strategies for numerous products including some of the current mainstream products in the legal market. Bill was integral part of the team that won the Chairman’s Award for innovation at Thomson Reuters for bring Elite 3E to market. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Bill held various sales and sales management positions with Elite information Systems, American Business Systems (ABS), Computer Consoles Incorporated (CCI), where he helped bring their front office products into the legal industry.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Virginia Tech and a Master of Business Administration degree from Old Dominion University.