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What is a Notice Management System

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February 2, 2020

What is a Notice Management System (NMS)?

Notice management is the use of technology to receive, store and distribute electronic notices and electronic images of paper notices captured using a document scanner. The notices may originate from courts, third-party vendors, opposing counsel, or government agencies.

Notice management typically involves the use of multiple firm resources to connect a case to an internal client and matter number, download each document associated with the notice (potentially tens or hundreds of documents per notice), profile each document in the document management system, determine relevant parties to be notified, distribute the notice and associated documents, update the docketing staff or calendaring system, and record any costs in the time and billing system.  Firm resources include staff time to capture notices and manage workflow, as well as document repositories(including file systems and document management systems), case management systems, and time and billing systems.  

A Notice Management System (NMS) provides automation to notice management, imposing control and management capabilities onto an otherwise ad-hoc process. NMSs allow firms to manage notices in a consistent and less labor-intensive manner.  Key features of an NMS include:

·      Parsing of the notice to identify the court or agency

·      Downloading of documents that are attached or linked to the notice

·      Profiling the documents in accordance with a firm’s policies using standard naming conventions

·      Notifying interested parties inside the organization

·      Alerting administrators when notices are not read or fail to meet other criteria

·      Recording processing metrics

As NMS technology emerged from the transition from paper to Electronic Court Filing (ECF), most NMS platforms today are directed to processing emails received from one or more specific court systems.  Given that there are still many court systems and government agencies that use or allow paper filing, an NMS may also provide a means to process paper documents, typically by scanning and emailing a document to the NMS.

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